Plug & play solutions on the go.


We enable business to build USSD, WhatsApp, programmable SMS and IVR solutions, without requiring any technical expertise.


We'll work with you to develop the right strategy to fit your business needs


Synchronously automate your business engagement and sales processes.


We provide you with dedicated servers to deploy and test applications seamlessly.


We walk with you through out the sales & customer engagement journey.

Our services

We offer the full spectrum of services to help businesses and organizations automate their mundane tasks.

Our tool offers a systematic form with easy tool tips that guides customers to easily input questions and choices for USSD, whatsapp & Programmable SMS flows. Here's how it works.
1. Create account.
2. Create flows.
3. Test on the simulator.
4. Go live.
This takes less than 10 mins and requires no coding or technical expertise.

Our tool provides a powerful of the shelf selection of auxiliary service integrations such as mobile money, card payments, & bill processing options that businesses can integrate into their solutions in a click of a button.

Our system generates an easy to export web-hook that can be ported to the service provider of your choice for either USSD, WhatsApp or programmable SMS.

Flo enables businesses to view customer logs and track any failed logs from either their USSD, WhatsApp or Programmable SMS channels. This way your business is able to get in touch with the potential customer that tried to reach your business through either channel.


Sales & Customer engagement

More that 1 billion businesses round the world use technology solutions to engage and reach customers. Do not be left out. Build your solution to day to grow your customer base! Hustle free, no coding, no technical skill required. You design & control the solution yourself, your way while cutting tech costs by upto 90%

Our Niche

Flo by Saada is powering innovative customer engagement and sales solutions on WhatsApp,USSD,IVR and Interactive Sms for businesses.

Featured Solutions

Data Collection

Use Flo to build simple USSD, SMS or WhatsApp solutions for data collection and questionnaires over feature phones or smartphones without coding.

Insurance Acquisition

We help Insurance Firms automate the insurance acquisition process for their clients over conversational interfaces.


Does you offer services that require tickets as proof of purchase? Well you can now build a simple USSD, SMS or WhatsApp solution to sell tickets and process payments hassle free without technical expertise.


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